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NCA is located near beautiful Lake James at Exit 90 off of I-40

Average Class Size:

K-3rd: 12-16

4th-6th: 16-21

Middle School:22

High School: 25

Academic Success:

NCA exceeds the national average on yearly achievement testing, and our high school students exceed state and national averages on the ACT which is annually administered to over 1 million college-bound students.

Elementary extras:

Students in our elementary school go beyond the basics through activities such as accelerated reading, computer classes, choirs, private music lessons, art instruction, physical education, and Spanish. Each quarter, students have the opportunity to be a part of our Bulldog Club program where we offer clubs such as Math Club, Lego Club, Origami Club, Spelling Club, and much more.

Middle School Excitement:

Students in grades 6-8 have their own program designed to meet the unique needs of early teens. They are challenged to excel in an enjoyable environment that prepares students for the academic rigors of high school and has a focus on character and  responsibility. 

High School Opportunities:

NCA offers high school students many opportunities for leadership and community involvement in conjunction with our excellent academic program. Students also have the opportunity to begin earning college credits through our duel enrollment program.  Many graduates are able to finish their college associates degree during their tenure at NCA.

Bulldogs Athletics:

At NCA we believe that athletics can be a great tool to teach students character, hard work, perseverance, how to win, and how to lose. We offer cross country, volleyball, archery, basketball, soccer, and golf.

We plan to add baseball and softball for the upcoming year as well. 


* Iowa Achievement tests are administered yearly to grades K5 through 12

* PSAT/NMQST administered to all sophomores and juniors

* SAT available to all high school students


NCA follows an awesome blended schedule that we feel you will love!Our school year consists of four nine-week sessions with two-week breaks in between. We take a full week off for Thanksgiving and spring break as well. This still allows us to have 8-9 weeks in the summer also. 


NCA uses Gradelink, a school wide system that allows parents internet access to grades, assignments, news, and other information in an extremely convenient format. Our Smart Send notification system allows NCA to communicate with all parents instantly. This system is excellent for emergencies or general reminders. 

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