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WNC Community Scholarship 


  • All applicants for financial aid must be eligible for enrollment at Nebo Crossing Academy.

  • Financial aid at Nebo Crossing Academy is purely need-based; we do not offer academic, athletic, or other special scholarships.

  • The Academy works hard to assist students who qualify for need-based aid; however, each family is expected to make an appropriate financial contribution to the cost of the child's education.

  • Admission to the Academy is not linked to tuition payment ability. Financial assistance is determined after a prospective student is admitted and is independent of admissions decisions.

  • New applicants must successfully complete the admissions process, be offered an enrollment space, and enroll before applying for financial aid.

There is no risk in initial enrollment at the Academy. If a family is not able to afford their portion of the overall tuition after a level of tuition assistance is determined, withdrawal may be made without penalty until June 1.

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